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    1. Defiant Daylight Adjusting Digital Timer

      I have this timer it has 5 wires - Red,Black,Blue,White,Green

      I want to use it on a single switch porch light.

      I just have 2 wires on the old switch.

      How do I connect it?

      The directions say red is not used.



    2. Re: Defiant Daylight Adjusting Digital Timer

      Many of the new timers require a neutral in the switch box. This allows the timer itself to use a bit of electricity to keep the time and turn the load on and off.

      If all you have in the box are two black wires (and maybe a bare ground), and you don't have any white (neutral) wires buried in the back of the box, you'll need to find another timer as this one won't work. Make sure the timer says it does not require a neutral wire, and if you're going to use it with CFL or LED lights, ensure it says that too.

    3. Re: Defiant Daylight Adjusting Digital Timer

      I believe Zorfdt meant if you only have a black and white wire on the switch. If you have two blacks and it is cable you should have whites in the back.