Tony Laidig is well known for his creative strategies with Public Domain Content, and his approach with Public Domain magazines is no exception. According to Tony they are an AMAZING source of content for Kindle books, blog posts, info products, etc.
On Monday, September 24th Tony gave us an hour+ presentation explaining exactly how he finds these magazines that are outside of copyright, and walked us through a live example of how he uses them to create content and products.
It was quite enlightening, to say the least. I walked away with TONS of ideas!
Click Here to Watch The Free Replay
In the replay he will take you through the process of how he finds the magazines, checks copyright, scans them, creates books from them, and more. You'll be amazed at how simple it is! Yet hardly anyone else is tapping into this nearly limitless content available to us from magazines in the Public Domain.
Expect to learn:

  • Why magazines may be the best source for Kindle Book content on the planet
  • The best online sources for magazine content
  • Verifying a magazines copyright status
  • The best strategies for turning magazine content into Kindle and Print books
  • ...and much more!

Few people realize there are literally millions of pages worth of great content waiting to be used, found in old magazines whose copyrights have expired. Tony reveals the secrets to identifying and finding these magazines in the Public Domain and how to use the content to create your next bestselling Kindle book or info product.
By the way, almost NO ONE is using these strategies to publish on Amazon so there is a huge opportunity there for you...
Click Here to Watch The Free Replay

p.s. Tony also offered us an exclusive - and very generous! - Naija Forum is only good until Monday October 1st.

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